China Know-How 2018:

Costs and Funding Opportunities of Program A


The costs for course A amount to approx. 2.900 EUR (updated calculation as of April 2018)

Students studying at Austrian universities which are members of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet can apply for a Eurasia-Pacific Uninet scholarship amounting to approx. € 500.

You can also apply for a schoparship at your home university.

The costs of € 2.900 (without airfare) include the full program fees of the Chinese universites and for the accompanying program, the accommodation in a 4 and 5 star hotels (in two-bed rooms, including breakfast and internet), the train ride between Beijing and Shanghai, the organisation fee, and a small reserve for unforeseen events.


Please note that this figure serves as a guiding price! It is not to be taken as the exact amount! The exact price depends on the currency exchange rate at the time of payments.


In principle, the payments shall be made at the time when they occur: the program fee of Peking University in Beijing, the program fee of Fudan University in Shanghai (both in cash), the accomodation expenses at check-out (preferably with credit card), the train ticket before purchase (in cash as well).


After the confirmation of participation, the participant is required to pay a deposit of 500 EUR. This amount, less the organization fee, will be paid back to the participant after the end of the summer school (together with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet scholarship - if applicable/granted).


The costs for the flight have to be added to the amount of 2.900 EUR. The reservation flights are to be made by oneself. Each participant can choose the airline, the routing and the booking date himself / herself.


A travel insurance is strongly recommended by the organizer. A health insurance for travel abroad is of utmost importance. The insurance might also include a flight cancellation insurance and a luggage insurance. If there is no existing insurance coverage, a travel insurance must be taken out by the participant himself / herself.


Financing of Program A

1. Unless a scholarship or grant is awarded (see below) each participant has to meet the costs of participation himself / herself.

2. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics provides Eurasia-Pacific Uninet with scholarships for the the China Know-How Summer School. The scholarship to be awarded to students studying at Austrian universities or other institutions of higher education participating in Eurasia-Pacific Uninet will amount to approx. € 500.

3. Regardless of the above, students can and shall additionally apply for a scholarship for subject-specific courses ("Fachspezifische Kurse") at the office for international relations of their home university in accordance with the rules and guidelines for grants laid down by the university.
This applies especially to students from the Austrian universities/universities of applied sciences. Please check off the respective box in the application form.

4. Some provincial governments as well as other public or private institutions may also award scholarships to certain categories of students. The individual institutions concerned shall be directly contacted by the participant.

5. Employees and other interested parties wanting to participate in this program have to meet the costs of participation either at company expense, other funding, or from private means. 


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