Scholarships for member institutions

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet/Ernst Mach scholarship

for member universities in China and Mongolia.

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 To apply, please go to (Ernst Mach - Eurasia-Pacific Uninet)

The programme aims at strengthening the student’s ability to compete in the international market by means of study- and research semesters as well as teaching at member universities and research institutions. Furthermore, the project serves as contribution to the internationalization of the science and technology-related economy.

Eligible Fields of study/research:

Technical Sciences


Environmental Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences

Natural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences

Economic Sciences (including Tourism Research)

Arts and Music



scholarships for scientific research in Austria 

The Eurasia Pacific Uninet will shortly open a new call for applications for our partner universities.

The final selection of Ph.D. and Post-Doc scholarship-holders will be made by Austrian scientists and EPU coordinators and scientists.

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